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Now You Can Be A Multimillionaire… Even If You’re A Driver

By Bo Sanchez
Arnold is one of our company drivers. He’s married with four kids. They live in a little barrio in Tarlac. He goes home twice a month and works here in Manila.
One morning a year ago, my regular driver wasn’t available, so I asked Arnold to drive me to a meeting. 
I was busy reading at the back of the van when he interrupted me. He said, “Sir, nagsimula na po ako sa stock market.” (Sir, I already started in the stock market.) I looked at the rear view mirror and saw his big, toothy smile. 
I know Arnold. He’s a quiet guy who usually doesn’t start conversations. Especially with his Boss. But the fact that he did meant the guy was genuinely excited about what he was telling me.
       I asked, “When did you start?”
       “December po. Naghuhulog ako ng P2,000 bawat buwan.” (I started last December. I add P2000 each month.)
       “That’s great,” I said. “So how much do you have now?”
    “P17,000.” He said it with so much pride, you’d think he said he won the Lotto. Arnold continued, “P11,000 lang po ang naipasok ko, pero ang pera doon sa the Stock Market ay P17,000.”
This conversation happened more than a year ago. Today, I bumped into Arnold again in the office. 
I asked him, “How much do you now have?
Arnold beamed at me with that same pride in his voice and said, “Sir, P67,500.” If I could only take a picture of his smile, I would. It was a smile of wealth.
Look. I know that some of you will laugh at P67,500. You may think this is loose change.
But for a Driver from a small barrio, he feels massively rich already. It’s the first time in his life that he’s holding that much money.
So I told him, “Arnold, in less than 10 years, you will be a millionaire. And in 20 years, a multimillionaire.”
“Thank you, sir!” he said.
       In our office, I’ve already taught ALL our employees to invest in the Stock Market—from our managers to vice presidents to messengers and janitors and drivers. When you enter the office, you could feel a rising sense of hope in them.
I want you to experience this sense of hope and excitement too. Take charge of your finances. Don’t leave it to chance.
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