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Mga Klase ng Sweldo

It's payday Friday! And guess what, madaming mall ang may sale ngaun. Pero bago mag-shopping for Christmas gift giving, I'd like to share with you this photo. Actually I have already shared it in our Facebook page and madaming naka-relate talaga.

credit to the owner

Mga Klase ng Sweldo (Types of Wage)
  • Sibuyas na Sweldo - Kapag hinati-hati mo na sa gastusin...mapapaluha ka
  • Pampapayat na Sweldo - Habang tumatagal pakonti ng pa konti ang natitirang pang kain mo
  • Magic Sweldo - konti kumpas lang ng kamay at VOILA!...wala na sya
  • Mala-bagyong Sweldo - Di ka sigurado kung kailan ito darating at kung gaano ito tatagal
  • Korning Pelikulang Sweldo - Tinatawanan mo na lang para di ka mabwisit
  • Konserbatibong Sweldo - Nakakawala ng inspirasyon
  • Reglang Sweldo - Isang beses isang buwan lang dumating at tumatagal lang ng 3 araw

Nakakatuwang isipin kung anong klaseng sweldo ang meron ka pero sa kabilang banda, gusto mo ba na lagi na lang ganyan ang nangyayari sa perang pinaghirapan mo? O, gusto mo ng pagbabago? If yes, disiplina ang kailangan mo!
  1. 10-20-70 Rule: Once you have received your salary, ibalik kay God ang 10% (tithe), ilagay sa savings at palaguin sa investments ang 20% at kung ano ang matira na 70% yung lang ang gagastusin.
  2. Increase income by having businesses on the side:  Mahilig ka ba magluto or may talent ka na kailangan ng iba? Now is the time na mag-negosyo ka. Hindi kailangang ng malaking capital basta gusto mo ang ginagawa mo, kikita ka by serving others. 
  3. Before buying anything, isipin mo muna if it is a need or want: Kung hindi mo kailangan, wag mong bilhin. Sa ganitong paraan, mas madami kang maiipon.
  4. Stop using credit card if hindi emergency need:  Walang masama if gagamit ka ng credit card, basta bayaran mo lang ng buo on time para walang interest kang babayaran.

Naalala ko tuloy si Ms. Weng na isa syang kasambahay pero nag-open na sya ng Mutual Funds account nya. Ang galing noh! Kaya mo rin yan! Disiplina lang ang kailangan.

Tandaan, wala sa malaki o maliit na sweldo ang mahalaga kung ano ang tinatabi mo at pinapalago.

Start Saving Today and Live Your Dreams Tomorrow

source: Yahoo! images
Since I have attended Pesos and Sense's seminar, "Make Your Money Grow", I received an email from them and let me share it with you.

Start early!
When it comes to saving money and investing for your future, it’s never too early to start. Every payday, most of us are faced with the dilemma whether to start saving today or put it off until next month.

Here’s a story of a young man who knew that he could earn more for his future by starting to save earlier.

At age 22, Ping took the first steps in making his money grow. Every month, he saved P2,000 of his monthly income. Then he placed it in a good and stable investment that gave 10% compounded interest yearly. He did it for 10 years until he was unable to add more to his investment and forgot about it.

On the other hand, his friend Pong took his sweet time before investing. He waited until the age of 40 when he had money to spare. He followed the same steps but he doubled the amount to P4,000 so he could catch up with Ping.

Reap the rewards!
Twenty years later, at the age of 60, Ping and Pong crossed paths again. Can you guess who had more money?

Remember, Pong invested late but his P480,000 was TWICE as much as Ping’s initial contribution. With 10% annual compounded interest, Pong’s investment became 2 million pesos.

But Ping, who invested EARLIER, gave his money more time to grow. Even though he stopped putting in money after a while, his money continued to earn interest. Although his total investment was only P240,000, at 10% annual compounded interest, his earnings reached 6 MILLION pesos. THREE TIMES the amount of Pong’s earnings!

Start early. Earn more. That’s smart investing!  

What should we start doing early so we can earn more?
Save regularly. Set aside a portion of your monthly income regularly for the specific purpose of investing. No matter how small, the key is doing it regularly.
Spend time to learn. Knowing the different kinds of investments available to you is beneficial to making your money grow. Find out what your options are and choose the one that best fits your needs.
Focus on your goal in life. Whether it’s getting married, living in your dream house, driving your own car, travelling abroad, or retiring comfortably, you need to establish SPECIFIC financial goals. Write them down to constantly remind you to make saving and investing a priority. Discipline and focus are the keys to achieving your dreams.
Start early and use time to your advantage to achieve your financial goals. Time is money and if we start investing early, our money will start growing too! 

3 Things You Must Start Doing Today
1. Discipline. Setting aside a part of your monthly income is difficult, but as the old saying goes, “Kung walang tinanim, walang aanihin.”
2. Acquire Knowledge. Don’t place your money anywhere--know your options. Take time to learn how to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, and in other investment instruments where you can grow your hard earned money.
3. Do it now. The sooner you invest, the more time your money can grow. Never delay like Pong who waited until it was convenient. Start now like Ping. 

If you want to know how to maximize your time and grow your money, attend the Pesos and Sense Seminar Series!  Aya Laraya will teach you how to make the best use of money for your investments and show you why time is your greatest asset. Buy your tickets now and avail of the early bird rate.

Visit or for more information.
Investments made easy for you
Saturday, October 20, 2012 
Batch1: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Batch2: 1:30PM - 4:30PM
Because time is money
Saturday, October 27, 2012 
1:30PM - 4:30PM 

"No matter how hard you work, your money can work harder." -Aya Laraya

Four Steps to Control your Cash

I got hooked when I first read the front page of Kerygma Magazine's February issue entitled Taming the Money Monster: Change your Money Habits. For some of you who haven't heard it yet, it is a Catholic inspirational magazine published monthly and it is a Greek word which means 'Proclamation of the Gospel'. 

According to my mentor and favorite author, Bo Sanchez, how you handle money is a reflection of your soul. Do you agree? Yes, I do. For some of us, we tend to spend everything the moment we receive our salary with the thinking of "di bale na maubos ang pera, ang importante ng-enjoy naman kami ngayon." I believe there is nothing wrong if we enjoy the fruits of our labor because we deserve it. But we really have to prepare for the most expensive stage of our lives--money for our old age. 

Because of the medical breakthroughs, life expectancy of a person continues to grow. People are living longer nowadays. Living too long can be a blessing or a burden. It depends on two things: how healthy you are physically and financially. We definitely don't want to live until a hundred if we're sick. And definitely don't want to live a hundred if we don't have money or become a burden to our family. We have to be healthy in both areas. Right?

Here's how to be healthy in our finances.

Four Steps to Control Our Cash 

Step 1: Stop Borrowing 
              If you remember the Steps to Financial Peace which I learned from attending the seminar of one of the Financial experts in the country today, Mr. Randell Tiongson which I got for free (Yey!) Here's the link: that taught us if we can't afford to buy something (like gadgets, clothes and the like) now, don't buy it. Because if you borrow beyond your means, you may also be saying yes to worry, sleepless nights and marital fights. Credit cards are good but only for emergency purposes. And be sure, to settle the full amount on due date so you won't be paying for the interest and late charges. You might find this link helpful about Debt Management:

Step 2: Protect your Assets
                  I always believe that the greatest asset a person can have is himself, his life. So he must protect it if uncertainties like critical illness and death occur. Remember my story why I got my own Insurance two years ago? One morning in 2010, omy way home, when I was still working for an international coffee shop located along Commonwealth Avenue, I was about to cross on the other side (since at that time no foot bridge there yet) when a bus approaching quickly towards me and I was so scared. But thanked God my subconscious mind was telling me to stop moving and so I am saved. I really won’t forget this life-threatening experience that gave goosebumps on my entire body. Lots of questions entered my mind after that incident. Like, “What would happen to my family if I left with only little money for them?” and “Who will pay for the final expenses and where can they get funds from?” I'm thankful I have my protection plans and a savings and investment plan like the VUL (Insurance with Investments). Do you want to know more about the savings and investment plan? Click the link to understand more about the Sun Life MaxiLink Prime: 

Step 3: Live on 70% of your Income
               I know some of you are wondering if this is possible especially now Summer season is fast approaching. But do you know if you cut back on buying some not-so-essential items, and invest it in an investment vehicle that grows at 12% a year, you'll be earning millions? You think it's just a few pesos today--so why not spend it? But when you do, you're also throwing away your earnings. If you quit smoking, you would earn P6 million. If you cut back on coffee, you could save yourself P10 million. Here's the fact, you're throwing away millions! Obviously, you have to watch your big ticket purchases. That's where a lot of people lose money. But don't let this happen to you.

Step 4: Invest 20% (or more) of your Income
               The moment you receive your income or profit, automatically set aside 10% for your tithe to God. For me, I give my tithes to the Light of Jesus Community and the Feast. For the 20% of your income, 10% should be allocated to your Emergency fund. This is very important. You need this when the house roof leaks and needs repair. For medication and hospitalization purposes. You need some cash in the bank. So put 10% of your income into an emergency fund, and make it reach at least three to six months of your monthly income as a rule of thumb. Once it reaches this amount, you can invest 10% (or more) in paper assets like Stocks and Mutual Funds. If you already have your Financial Advisor, you may ask them if you want to invest in Mutual Funds. But if you don't have one, I'm willing to help you. Just shoot an email to

We really have to know where our money goes.

*Some of the informations are from the Kerygma Magazine February 2012 issue.

Pesos and Sense Episode 6 (Video) about Budgeting and Tips on Saving

Episode 6 of Pesos and Sense was about budgeting and saving tips which are essential in Personal Finance.  I remember the time when my Mom opened my savings account when I was eleven and every year when my Ninongs and Ninangs gave me money, I put some of it in the bank. 

Aya mentioned the 70-20-10 rule, the simplest and effective way of saving money. From the moment you receive your salary, allot 10% for tithing. 20% of your salary goes to savings and investments for your future needs. And the remaining 70% to your personal needs and monthly bills.

Johnny Bondoc continued to share budgeting techniques that his family is doing for all their plans and goals. According to Aya, the easiest and simplest way of saving some of 20% of your salary is to open your bank account.

Mr. Juanis Barredo of Citiseconline discussed the last part of the Technical Analysis which is Understanding Area Patterns.

Lastly, question and answer part by Aya.