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What is Investment Grade

Last March, global credit rating firm Fitch awarded the Philippines its first investment grade credit rating. And in less than 2 months, our country achieves its second investment grade from Standard and Poor's. Finally, the Philippines is Asia's rising tiger. Hooray!

But what this means for every Filipino? Ano ba ang investment grade?


The investment upgrade will allow the government to spend less on debt payments (lower interest rates) and more budget for infrastructure, education, and health. It will also attract more foreign investments and will create more jobs. 

One of the results that we are experiencing right now is the Philippine stocks have soared to all-time highs this year. According to CNN Money, it is the 5th hottest Stock Market in the world for 2013. I'm proud to be a Filipino!

Now, how can you take advantage of it? 

One of the easiest ways to do yet it takes a lot of learning - is investing your extra money directly in the Stock Market or indirectly through Mutual Funds

Educate yourself and let your money grow! 

"Life is too short. Don't waste time." - Dona Noynay

In my line of work, true enough, relatives are very hard to convince and motivate in investing their savings in an Investment Plan like VULs (Sun MaxiLink Prime). Every time we have family gatherings, I always tell her to invest part of her savings which will give her an average of 10% compounded annually but she kept on saying, 'saka na lang cuz'. Then after two (2) years, yes you read it right, she finally decided to get her Insurance with Investment plan which is the VUL. 

Sun Life Investment Advocate, Dona
Just this evening, while I'm browsing facebook, I'm surprised when I saw and read my cousin's thought on Sun Life's Sun Shorts entitled "Life In a Day" (I will be sharing with you the videos about it in my succeeding posts). At this very moment, her thoughts really inspired me and I just can't help myself not to share with you what has been featured in Sun Life's page. 

To my cousin and client, ate Dona Noynay, you are truly a certified Investment Advocate ❤ Lets continue to spread financial literacy to fellow Filipinos.