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Go where God’s Blessings flow

Sharing about life [and my life] is also the main purpose of doing this blog. Because I am the type of person who really wants to know more about life—how wonderful and exciting life could be.

Few months or should I say years ago, I have been lost. Please don’t take it literally. Because I am lost in the deepest part of me. I know some of you during your younger years really know what you want to be when you grow up. But for me, it was different. Maybe because I allowed important people in my life to decide for me that’s why I am having hard time managing my choices nung nagkaka-isip na ako

I have realized that when we asked or prayed for something to God he will use people, circumstances or solution to grant our heart’s desire. And in my case, he used person who happens to be my oldest brother Jon. At first, I was hesitant to attend due to my shifting schedule then but I am thankful to him because he didn’t give up on inviting me to “The Feast”.

I won’t forget the 7th day of February 2010 when I first attended “The Feast” (it is a catholic prayer gathering every Sunday of the Light of Jesus family founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez) held in Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig City. Tears kept rolling down my eyes every time God talked to me through our preachers. It also helped me to choose why I dared to create the life of my dreams. And that's what I am doing right now.

Jacqui with her siblings, cousin and friends during the 2011 Kerygma Conference

Finding deepest dreams in my heart, fulfilling life’s purpose and surrendering everything to Him. I have learned that we are looking so far for our answers only to find out it is right in front of us—If we allow ourselves to listen to people who happens to be angels here on earth. I am happy because that’s what I did! I felt incomplete if I didn't go to The Feast every Sunday.

Going to where the blessings overflow with important people in my life has blessed me so much. Do you want to be blessed, too?