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Sun Life's Sun Dollar Maximizer Is Back!

If you have dollar deposits with banks, these earn only 0.25-0.5% per year. Consider Sun Dollar Maximizer (Emerging Asia) and enjoy 100% capital protection plus potential gains thru investing in 8 high-growth Emerging Asian economies! Historical asset performance between 2.5-6% per year. Offer period until Nov. 23, 2012 only! 

From Sun Life's website:

Sun Dollar Maximizer (Emerging Asia) **limited-offer only!
Sun Dollar Maximizer (Emerging Asia) is a single pay, US dollar-denominated, investment-linked insurance product that matures in seven (7) years and allows you to participate in the equities of eight (8) high-growth Emerging Asian economies - China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines – without the fear of losing your capital.*

Enhance your dollar’s earning potential through Sun Dollar Maximizer (Emerging Asia):

Diversification through High-Growth Asian Assets
For a minimum of US $8,000, you can seize the world’s bright spots for foreign investments! The premiums shall be invested in exchange-traded funds of eight (8) Emerging Asian economies - assets that have shown stronger potential for future growth and are difficult to invest in as an individual client.

Guaranteed Life Insurance Coverage
Gives added financial security by protecting the life of the insured with coverage of at least 125% of the single payment. For policies issued under the Guaranteed Insurability Offer (GIO), the amount of coverage shall be limited to the fund value plus charges in case of the insured’s death within the first 2 years from policy effective date, except if due to accident.

100% Capital Protection*
Attain peace of mind knowing that you will receive your FULL single payment at the end of the seven-year period regardless of fund performance.

Optimized Returns
You need only one good year to maximize returns because of the product’s “Best Performance, Look-Back” feature, where the highest cumulative annual performance within the seven-year period is used to determine the participation on earnings. The product has a Volatility Control Mechanism that cushions the investment downside during times of market fluctuations.
Guaranteed Acceptance
Hassle-free application and policy approval through the guaranteed insurability offer, subject to certain limits.

Seize the bright spots of Asia with Sun Dollar Maximizer (Emerging Asia).
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*Capital protection is subject to the ability of the note issuer to perform its obligations and the absence of a credit event of the Republic of the Philippines.