Clients' Testimonials

This is Joel, an HR practitioner. He already planned for his future by getting an 
Insurance+Investment plan. 

"Thumbs up to agent Jacqui for being responsive in every query and request i make even after i signed up a year ago. Another thing that i like about her is that she is not pushy to the prospective Clients and she'll give you time to think about her presentation/quotation and for me that's a plus factor coz that means she is not just after the commission that she'll make. I definitely recommend her to everyone who thinks of getting insurance/investments with Sunlife!" 
(Jo Nadado | Singapore)

"Jacq is such a great agent and asset to Sunlife. Wherelse can you find an agent that caters to aftersales. I live in the south and Jacq is far up in the north, but she always makes an effort to visit and touch base. Jacq even helps me with payments as our place is not an easy commute. I have and will always refer Jacq to friends and acquaintances who ask and in need of these products. Thanks, Jacq!!!"
(Lily Flor | Laguna)

"It may sound biased but she is the best Financial mentor (other than being a life mentor also) ever! She shares what she knows without thinking anything in return. Sincere, genuine, honest: what could I ask for who I can trust with my decisions on finances. Keep up the good work and continue to bless us and others by sharing Financial Literacy!" 
(Jenny Noynay | UAE)

"What I loved with Jacqui is how she explains the terms and conditions of the products. She explained technical jargons into very simple statement and examples; cons and prons; and give advices on what you really need based on your lifestyle and budget without insisting add ons. Ms. Jacqui also updates me on my payments (i really appreciate it) and other investments. I highly recommend her as financial advisor, especially for the starters." 
(Jenn Salvador | Canada)

"Jacqui is approachable and makes sure that she answers every question I ask, even if she doesn't get any business. She is the kind of advisor who won't badger you to take this or that. The updates/news she shares are informative and useful for investment decisions." 
(Ara Laroco | Makati)

"Signed up with Jacqui long ago, but she still gives me updates from time to time, and entertains all inquiries promptly. She explains everything clearly so as not to confuse you with financial jargons, and takes time to know you so that she can assess what is the best suitable plan to meet your needs. Highly recommended financial advisor."
(Rai Wee | Japan)

"Jacqui is a very hands-on insurance agent. Technical terms are carefully explained in layman's term so they're easily understandable. What's more, her very warm and friendly demeanor is a plus factor - and she's always willing to answer queries promptly and patiently. She won't do any hard-selling, unlike most agents I've encountered. I feel that my investment is in good hands, with Jacqui as the financial advisor."
(Ai and Milo Alfonso | Caloocan)

"I didn't know Jacqui before I got our financial plan. I just sent a private message on her website and a text asking for quote or plan for me first. We had exchanges of messages. She didn't push me to get a plan soon. She let me weigh my options first then answer some of my questions regarding what I'm planning. During our initial meet up, she made a lot of effort by going to our place, south of Manila, 60 kilometers, around 2.5 hrs by bus and she's on time... I came with my wife and we decided to also ask for a plan with her knowing that Jacqui delivers more than what we expect from an advisor. She became a friend for me and my wife. We'll definitely recommend her to those who want to have a brighter future."
(Eli Jed and Honey Centeno | Batangas)

"My fiancee and I were Jacqui's clients for more than a year now, and we are very pleased with her service. She checks up on us every now and then to check our progress based on our financial goals, and she does it with a personal touch. Meetings are always warm and engaging. I would recommend her to our friends and family!"
(Aljon Gutierrez | Mandaluyong)

I'm excited for these young investors, Anthony & Andrew! They started investing their "allowance" already at age 19 and 16 respectively. Congratulations for inspiring and motivating them, Ms. Jing! I admire mommies like you :-) #startthemyoung
(Ms. Jing Deco and sons, Anthony & Andrew Deco | San Juan)

**If you are one of our existing clients or you had one-on-one consultation with us and would like to rate our services, feel free to comment on Jacqui's Sun Life facebook page here. We'd love to hear from you.


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