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Hi, I'm Jacqui. A Financial Advisor licensed with Insurance Commission and SEC Certified Investment Solicitor in the Philippines. I'm also a PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker.

How may we help you? 

We are offering these services and solutions:


         One-on-One Consultation
         Small group discussion


        Life Insurance (Term/Whole Life/VUL) 
        Mutual Funds Investment 
        Retirement Plan 
        Education Plan 
        Estate Plan 
        Life Goals Fund (Travel, House & Lot, Car) 
        Health Insurance (Critical Illness & Hospitalization) 
       Accident, Disability & Dismemberment Plan 
       Saving & Budgeting 
       Non-Life Insurance (Fire/Motor/Bonds) 
       HMO: Maxicare, Caritas  
       St. Peter Life Plan


      Buying/Selling of House and Lot, Lot or Condominiums etc. 
      Title Transfer and Registration 
      Bank Loan Application Assistance 
      Insurance for Home Loan - MRI (Mortgage Redemption Insurance) 
      Valuation / Appraisal Services 
      Architectural & Construction  

Got questions?

You may contact Jacqui through:
Mobile Numbers: (+63) 933-2014898 (sun/viber) or (+63) 9164385451 (globe)
Email Address:

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  1. Nice! Can I also know about Claim Settlement Ratio of your company? Because I just got to know about this thing and it’s important for a company to have a good ratio. However, it was really good to have come across this post. I am going to save it and will share it with my friends and relatives.