Hello! Welcome to Style Your Finance blog. Thank you for spending your time with me!

I’m Jacqueline Astrid Noynay or simply Jacqui. I took up bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM).

I have been in the service industry of Food & Beverage management and worked in banks as well before I gained my licenses in both Financial services and Real Estate solutions.
Hello, I'm Jacqui! :-)
This blog is mainly about personal finance but I want to share my life journey in all aspects as well. But if you want to know how it all started, let me share my 3Ps.

The Pain
It was in the year 2008 when my family tried investing for the first time without proper knowledge of how money works.  And I can hear you screaming. Yes, we lost it at a glance. We were scammed!

If we only knew what right investments should we invest in, the money should have doubled or even tripled because of financial crisis at that time.

Aside from that, I joined multi-level marketing businesses because of my desire to grow my savings. I know there’s nothing wrong with it. But I learned that it was not meant for me. Lastly, I registered a business but didn’t know how to manage it well and so my partner deceived me. Aray ko po! (It hurts!)

The Process
I will never forget those experiences especially the lessons it taught me and my family. One day in 2010, I got hold of a book that changed my life forever. Do you want to know what book is it that until now I keep on reading many times over?

It’s the “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich” by Bo Sanchez. Yes that book opened my mind in so many ways!

So when Bro. Bo said that he’s having his first ever seminar about Personal Finance in Mandaluyong City, my sister and I attended the Truly Rich seminar in Independence Day  – the day I declared I want to be financially free!

With Bro. Bo Sanchez during book signing after the seminar on June 12, 2010
After that, I read some books and find mentors. On the same year, I took a leap of faith and become Financial Advisor and Certified Investment Solicitor duly registered with Insurance Commission & Securities and Exchange Commission.

And because I really wanted to help more people not just in planning and investing but also to achieve their dream homes, I got my license as Real Estate Broker in 2015.

Also, every Sunday I go to “The Feast”, it’s a Catholic gathering of Light of Jesus family founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez where I share my tithes and to continue feeding my mind with practical insights as well.

The Purpose
I believe that everything happened in life has its own reason. Do you agree? I also believe that God is using my pain to fulfill my purpose and that is, to help people in the simplest way possible to be a good steward of the earthly wealth He is entrusting us with.

That’s why I created this blog to share experiences, wisdom, life’s journey and to be of service to those who are in need. Currently, I conduct one-on-one consultations or small group discussions and present my recommendations/strategies to clients. I am able to help them by providing services and solutions.

Also, I really want to have more giving projects so I can be a blessing to others and sponsor more kids through World Vision.

Taken last Dec. 2016 where we shared Noche Buena packs to elementary students in Quezon City
If you want to see more photos of our thanksgiving project, click here.

For the one reading this, I believe God wants to prosper you. You may have traumatic experiences in the past but hey, you can start all over again! Or you have no idea where to start, you are one step closer. Because you are here, you are reading this!

Join me on this exciting journey of achieving our life goals together. You want to be blessed and be a blessing to others, right?

Again, welcome to Style Your Finance dear friends!