"In Getting Life Insurance, Choose the Right and Best Partner Company " - Tita Helen, Investment Advocate

I met Tita Helen (not her real name) during my presentation to her daughter which happens to be my friend. I was amazed on how passionate she is and encouraged her daughter to sign up for a plan right away. 

You see, things like investing is important to discuss among family members. Parents inspire their children or vice versa to take charge of their future. Do you agree? So make saving for the future a family affair. 

When I began to ask about her experience and where the passion is coming from, she decided to share it with us.

Here it goes:

It was in the late 1990s, when my husband and I got our very first life insurance policies. Life is good back then because of our business so we wanted to secure our family’s future especially for our children. We were able to send our four daughters to good schools and I must say, our family is well provided for at that time. 

But there was something unexpected happened to our family business and after a decade, we decided to stop its operation.

We were so devastated at that time. Monthly bills and children’s tuition fees continue to increase yet our bank savings accounts were dropped to almost zero. And we got no choice but to discontinue paying for our policies. I deeply regret that decision because I am a firm believer of life insurance because of the benefits our family had received over the years.

My husband began to look for a job and we decided that I will take care of our children instead. Thus, I became a housewife.

Two years later, I received an envelope from Sun Life (yes, we got our policies from them) thinking that since we were not able to pay anymore, it might be a demand letter or something obliging us to pay for the policies. So, I decided to keep the envelope and not to read it. 

And then, someone from their head office was calling us and asking if we have read the letter and encash the check already. So I asked myself, “What check are they talking about? Don’t they know we’re not paying our policies anymore?”

But I trusted my instinct to look for the envelope which I almost forgot where I put it. Luckily, I found it and was surprised to see the check that had an amount more than we actually paid for.

I read the letter, this was because of demutualization.

I got this from their website: “Demutualization benefits are benefits that were issued to eligible Sun Life policyholders during the company’s conversion from a mutual insurance company to a publicly traded company.”

Who would have thought there exists a company like Sun Life? It was when the time you had nothing or just simply started out again to cope up from business’ loss, and then you received something you never thought possible.

From then on, I always share this to my family and friends. And also, to our children. In getting life insurance plans, it is important to choose the right and best partner company that will fulfill its mission from generations to generations. 

Also, to start investing as early as they can so they will reap the rewards early too.

And I won't definitely forget what Tita Helen shared as she ended her story:

Do you know someone who has experienced the same?

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