Why Plan for Critical Illness

The following facts disturb me during our learning session with our manager. Oh yes, the facts really disturb me.

• Triple cardiac bypass surgery would normally cost about Php900,000 at St. Luke’s Medical Center

• Kidney transplant costs about Php1,000,000 in top-notch private hospitals in the country (St. Luke's, The Medical City, Asian Hospital, Makati Medical Center)

• Average cost of chemotherapy per session is Php60,000

• Regular private room costs about Php3,500.00 per accommodation in private hospitals (St Luke’s Hospital Global City)

46.5% is spent on drugs and medicines
(sources: www.medicaltourismguide.com, Health Mirror, National Statistics Coordination Board)

source: google 

Also, consider these facts that Critical Illness is inevitable.

1) Critical illness is the major cause of adult illness and death in all regions of the world.

2) Heart attacks and strokes kill about 12 million people, including those below age 40, every year.

3) 25% of all chronic disease deaths occur in people under 60 years of age.

4) More than 12 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year.

(sources:  WHO 2005 / Various Critical Health Societies’ Websites/Philip S. Chua, FEU-NRMF February 200)

Yes, you are healthy now and you do not have any medical history in the family. But what if the “uncertainties” happen? What if you are diagnosed and the money set aside is more than the medical bills? Do you want to withdraw funds from your savings and investments when Critical Illness hits you? 

It’s true that survival is highly possible. However, it is going to be very costly. I will share with you the Critical Illness Protection plan that I recently got for myself in my succeeding post.

How about you? Have you ever thought of protecting yourself against any health risk? Share your thoughts by commenting below.



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