Financial Planning Activities

It's always an honor for me and my team mates to get invited for booth activities and to conduct Financial Planning seminar to companies and even to schools/universities. 

And yes, I'd like to share with you how grateful I am for our week-long activities. Thank you Lord for these opportunities to serve and help others more to become financially successful.

Firstly, we received an invitation for a 4-day booth event in Robinson's Galleria from March 11-14. Thank you Tita Margot and to the organizers. Also, to our team mates namely: Myles, Jonel, Billy, Mike and Mitch. To Sun Life Financial for the support as well

Secondly, we're happy to conduct Financial Planning Seminar to graduating students of Adamson University - Industrial Engineering Dept. yesterday. Thanks Engr. Noe Enriquez for the opportunity and also to Myles! :) 

If you are a Professor/Instructor, invite nyo kami for a free seminar. Bottled water lang masaya na kami, hehe! :) 

Our team (L-R): Garry (, Ms. Weng, Raymund (, Jonel, Engr. Myles (, with Engr. Noe and yours truly (

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

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