The iBlog8 Experience

Ever since I started this blog May of last year, which of course the blog has turned a year old now (Congratulations to Style Your Finance blog! yay) I haven’t been to any seminar or conference related to blogging. When Garry, my blogging mentor and happened to be one of the speakers, told me about this event I urgently registered online and luckily got the chance to attend this 2-day event for free.

The 8th Philippines Blogging Summit held at the Malcolm Theater, Malcolm Hall in UP Diliman, Quezon City last May 25-26, 2012 from 8am to 5pm.. There were around 300 fellow bloggers and those who haven’t started to blog but wanted to learn more about blogging. You may want to see the event’s agenda, click here.

The first day tackled advance topics on blogging. How businesses, entrepreneurs, marketers and advertisers can utilize blogs as means to generate more income. Second day speakers taught us the basics yet the most important things to consider when blogging.

yours truly :)

Things I learned from iBlog8
  • Build a blog that rocks! Build a strong foundation (start with a purpose)
  • Be unique and be consistent
  • Focus on what topic you would like to blog about. i.e. this blog is about personal finance, investments, savings and the like
  • How does your post inspire others? Share inspiring post
  • Your blog speaks of what you are inspired by each day
  • The best material comes naturally
  • Write about what you love
  • Keep experimenting
  • Blogging is educational. It is a way for knowledge and skills sharing
  • Research first before you post it online
  • Bloggers should be financially literate as well
  • What you write about changes viewpoint and expands horizon
  • Do blogging for others, for a better future (advocacy campaign)
  • If you have started blogging, observe code of ethics (show respect on other's point of view)
  • What you love + what you're good at = makes money
I do not want to talk about the technical side of blogging and lets just stick with the basics for now. I'm no expert on blogging since my purpose of creating this blog is to share what I know about personal finance and assist you whatever your need may be. 

Because of events like this, I met some fellow bloggers and gained new friends. I'd like to congratulate Ms. Janette Toral for the successful event and for the speakers who have shared their expertise and experience. Thanks to all our sponsors too. Hope to see you guys in iBlog9!


  1. hope I would be in Manila when iBlog9 conferences are really refreshing and inspiring events, thanks for sharing :)

  2. that's true, luvavell. hope to meet you sa iblog9 :)