Pesos and Sense Episode 10 (Video) about Insurance Claims

In this episode, host Aya Laraya made a follow-up discussion about what he already showed us in Episode 3 about Insurance. He mentioned that we can protect our investments like cash in the bank and properties with insurance (to pay estate taxes). 

Aya gave tips on the Do's and Don'ts in claiming the insurance policies. Lets learn about Insurance as a way to protect our hard-earned investments.

The second video is about Aya sharing an incident that if we didn't take good care of our insurance policies, our beneficiaries will be having a hard time claiming the benefits. 

Mr. Edward Lee, Founder and Chairman of Citiseconline, shares how our money can work for us through investing and the importance of saving. According to him, everyday is the best time to invest. 

The last video is the 'Ask Aya'.

How to file a claim with Sun Life Financial, click here.


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