Pesos and Sense Episode 9 (Video) about Short Term and Long Term Investments

If you have been reading some of my posts here in the blog, you know that I am a big fan of the Money and Finance show called 'Pesos and Sense'. Since their very first episode ever aired on GMA News TV, I made it a point not to miss any of the episode but for some valid reasons like if we have Financial Planning seminars I ended up watching it in youtube instead. 

Season 1 has already ended but my apologies for not sharing the episodes on time here especially this episode which I am going to share with you. You may notice that the show invited some personalities for a specific episode to share and to discuss their insights related to the topic. One day, my colleague and financial blogging mentor Garry messaged me and said that one of the production team was inviting him as their guest in one of the episodes. I was really excited for him especially for the opportunity he had that he was able to share his knowledge and experience to many which one day I will also do (wishful thinking, wink!).

Episode 9 talked about the the difference between short term and long term investments with regards to host Aya's Investment Diagram: Time, Money and Knowledge.  On the first video, Miko Sayo of shared his short term investing and trading strategies.

Citiseconline's founder Mr. Edward Lee said that he has been into investing since he was 18. He aslo encouraged people to invest for the long term and discipline is the key to long term investments.

This is it! Meet my colleague and financial blogging mentor Garry as he shared this knowledge and experience to us. 

Lastly, question and answer portion by Aya Laraya.

Happy watching and learning!


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