Advocate Jenny wants you to meet her 'Lechie'

We already shared with you my youngest sister, Jenny's story about investing early because time is our greatest ally. Click here to read the complete article. And now, she wants you to meet her 'Lechie'. Let's hear it again from her as she shares how saving money becomes a habit.  

As I told you, I am fond of saving to my piggy banks. Here is one of them! -Jenny

Meet Lechie!

One day in 2009, my relative from Australia gave me her spare peso coins before leaving the Philippines. These coins were very shiny that I can’t think of spending them and so I thought of keeping them. My big brother treated me this piggy bank. It was an orange one so I named it as “Lechie” as it looks like a real lechon.

Advocate Jenny with her 'Lechie'

I put these new coins to this piggy bank as some people do such but here’s the catch, “Lechie” only accepts 5 and 10 peso coins. There’s also a note attached on its right side and it says “PLEASE GIVE ME P5 & P10 COINS! Thank you! *itat#e lang niya ang piso.” Haha! So sometimes my family members give some of their extra coins because “Lechie” is open to everyone but of course I was the one who’s really devoted on putting coins.

It took almost 2 years to make it very full. It really became a lechon, very fat and heavy. So at 30th day of October 2011, it was the time to kill “Lechie” with the help of my Dad.

My Dad, together with my two sisters and mom, helped me count the coins. It was very cute experience because I didn’t expect them to help me and it was fun to do this not-so-ordinary thing together. But the total money I saved up was more unexpected! It inspired my dad to save up and he said he will use a bigger piggy bank! Guess how much money “Lechie” has! It’s x,xx0.00 php! Whoa! It’s amazing! I’m looking forward to keep more and save more!

Lechie December 2009 - October 2011

Bye “Lechie” and thank you for keeping my money safely! 



  1. Finally, you posted it!!! 

    I miss you my Lechie!!! I'll always remember you as you are my wallpaper in my cp! :))

  2. Mas inspiring kung ireveal ung total amount, hehe. 

  3. Yes sis, thanks for inspiring us through your stories :)

  4. hi garry, i-reveal namin soon kung how much ang nilabas ni lechie. hehe