Pesos and Sense Episode 6 (Video) about Budgeting and Tips on Saving

Episode 6 of Pesos and Sense was about budgeting and saving tips which are essential in Personal Finance.  I remember the time when my Mom opened my savings account when I was eleven and every year when my Ninongs and Ninangs gave me money, I put some of it in the bank. 

Aya mentioned the 70-20-10 rule, the simplest and effective way of saving money. From the moment you receive your salary, allot 10% for tithing. 20% of your salary goes to savings and investments for your future needs. And the remaining 70% to your personal needs and monthly bills.

Johnny Bondoc continued to share budgeting techniques that his family is doing for all their plans and goals. According to Aya, the easiest and simplest way of saving some of 20% of your salary is to open your bank account.

Mr. Juanis Barredo of Citiseconline discussed the last part of the Technical Analysis which is Understanding Area Patterns.

Lastly, question and answer part by Aya.



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