First-time Employee Jenny says, "I Don't Wanna Be Left Behind"

I consider our Investment Advocate, Jenny Noynay (my youngest sister) so blessed for having the opportunity to work with an international provider of technologies, products and solutions company weeks before her graduation this year. Moreover, she already opened her investment account while she was still studying last September 2010. 

Ohh, if only I could turn back time I wish I started investing at a very young age same as Jenny who will be sharing her story with us. But it's never too early or too late to start investing. 

Lets hear it straight from her as she inspires us to plan ahead because our greatest ally is time.

Investment Advocate Jenny says,
"I Don't Wanna Be Left Behind"
"As I heard that my big sister will be having an insurance and investment, my "childishness and envy" filled in me that I signed myself up right away. I did not understand anything but by having this two-in-one plan, I will be insured and at the same time, I will become richer in the future. How cool being called an "Investor" at a young age. The feeling was amazing!
But that does not stop me from seeking more advises and learn new things about my finances. As I graduated in college and had my first work, I followed the 70-20-10 rule. 70% of my income will go to my expenses, 20% on my investments/savings and 10% on tithes.  I grabbed a full investment plan and Mutual Funds (my 20% or sometimes my 10% investment + 10% savings). Oh my gosh. The feeling is very satisfying as I am sure I am secured in the future. Well, it is not only actually for me, but also for my family. 
Also, I do not forget having an emergency fund/savings account. I am fond of saving 5 peso coins to my piggy banks. I don't even own a credit card as I know in myself that I am an impulsive buyer. Oh, I am very excited with how much my money will grow! Say goodbye to "working for money" and say hello to "letting your money work on you".
I am proud to say that I am one of the few who invest early as most Filipinos do not know anything from these, sadly. I know I am not one of them who spend more than they earn. 
I am not selfish as I share this knowledge through my online accounts like Facebook and Twitter. 
So if you are reading this, what are you waiting for. Do not be left behind."


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