Financial Education is Free

Some people think learning how money works is a waste of time. If you think financial education is a waste of time, try ignorance. 

In my line of profession, I have met different people with different experiences when it comes to investing their hard-earned money. The one that really struck me was the experience of David (not his real name).

About three years ago, David was encouraged by his friend to invest his hard-earned money total of P950,000 (almost P1 million) to his Foreign Exchange Trading company. At first, he just placed P500,000 as his initial investment which equals to US$10,000 because at that time dollar currency was at its peak above P50. 

Few days later, his friend informed him that his money valued at P600,00 which gives him 20% growth on his investment. David was really excited to realize that in a span of days his money can grow as much as 20%--so much higher than the bank’s interest

So he put an additional of P450,000 on his investment portfolio without knowing anything about how his friend’s company trade his money. And the greatest shock happened to David’s life as he lost all of his money in less than a month. 

He called up his friend asking, “What happened to my money? Who owns the trading company anyway? How long have they been in trading business?” 

You see, David asked these questions after he has invested his money. His friend told him that the company he worked for was doing illegal transactions here in the country and warned for its closure with David’s P950,00 with them.

I am not saying not to invest your money in Foreign Exchange (forex), but it requires proper education before investing and trading because it is very risky compared to stocks and mutual funds. There’s also a huge difference between trading and investing. 

Trading needs daily monitoring and studying the industry and companies where you bought your stocks and opted to sell them in a day or a few days. While investing is buying stocks in the stock market or mutual funds managed by the professional fund managers and selling them after five years or more.

What happened to David now?

Even though he has a traumatic investing experience in the past he still wants to learn more and move forward. Guess what? He now invests in Mutual Funds praying and hoping the money that was lost will come back soon. Who knows, it might grow more than he expected after five years or more.

Knowing how money works is a different skill to learn. And yes, you read the title right. Financial Education is FREE. I’m conducting a FREE one-on-one financial learning with sharing about life and love.  What’s more can you ask for? Best things in life are free! All you have to do is to have an open mind and an open heart. You can call/text me at 0933-2014898 or send an email to

Your decision today may change your life forever.

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  1. thumbs up!
    I have a mutual fund na! Thanks a lot for teaching me! You're my financial mentor! MWAH!

  2. You're welcome, sis :) Just keep on learning and growing :)

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