The Cash Flow of a typical Pinoy

You earn from your work, spend it on food, clothing, daily transportation, gadgets and other basic needs. Before the next payday comes, your salary is diminishing slowly. But it doesn’t matter since you are expecting money again anytime soon. This money strategy goes on and on. There’s no reason for you to leave the job because it supports your family and your needs. And that makes you a slave to your boss.

But what if you get fired? Or suddenly become disabled and you cannot work anymore? What would you do if these uncertainties happen in your life?

A liability will take money out of your pocket

There are two things your money can buy:

An asset or a liability. An asset will bring money in your pocket; a liability will take money out of your pocket.

There are people who worked for big companies and earned a lot (like what happened to Mang Ramon in my article titled when is the right time to save and invest?) and now, their money went in and went out. 

Even OFWs, actors, singers, basketball players and many more earned millions in their career and now they were bankrupt because they kept on buying liabilities (and some think they have bought asset instead). I know someone who owns a Louis Vuitton bag worth 1.3M and now she’s selling it for 350k only for her daughter’s tuition fee. 

She always spent her money on expensive items and she cannot do it anymore since her business went down. It is not depriving yourself to enjoy things but you have to see to it that it comes from your asset's income or you should create different funds for your different needs (I will share more of this in my next post).

You must create something today that you will enjoy in the future. Something that will last. Create a source of income aside from the source of income from your work. That when you stop working or cannot work anymore due to health condition, you will have your own source of money. 

The moment you receive your salary, set aside first your tithes and investments to create your asset, then spend from whatever is left. 

Ways of creating assets are through business, financial instruments and real estate. If you want to learn about financial instruments (Mutual Funds and Stocks), you may call/text me at 0933-2014898 or send an email to

Because money doesn’t sleep, take on leave and it grows over time. You really have to learn how money works.

Create your own asset now. Invest and learn now!



  1. Hi Jacqui! Thanks for sharing your ideas. It will be a big help if you will discuss it to me further. It will send you an email. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Mary! Hope I can help you achieve your goals. God bless :)

  3. two thumbs UP girl, sis! :)
    I can really relate on this! OMG!!
    I have to make MORE assets!!! :))

  4. Thanks, sis! I'm here to help you make more assets :) And I'm proud of you, at your very young age you've started building your wealth. Happy Investing :)